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Horses provide a tool for physical therapy, emotional growth, and cognitive improvement, in a unique format that is fun, exhilarating, and sometimes has the power to change a person's perspective on life!

The contact with the animal is a powerful experience, and the strong bond that is sometimes experienced  has a profound, uplifting effect on people. Communication with horses is all about us developing  and refining our ability to communicate through intention, body language, energy and feel. 

Equine Assisted Services  - now at two locations:


Therapeutic horse riding (Rocklea, Moggill)

Recreational horse riding lessons adapted to each individual and their learning style. Long-term goals are riding skills and therapeutic benefits, such as improvements in physical strength, balance, coordination, mobility, self-confidence, self-control, peer interaction, and social skills. The skills are developed in a holistic and mindful way through learning about an intricate connection between the horse and the rider. Please note: 80kg weight limit.

Duration: 30 mins                                                             Duration: 45 min

Cost: Junior (5-12yo) coach  - $80                                   n/a

          Intermediate (12yo – 90yo) coach  - $85             $115

          Senior (15yo – 90yo) coach - $95                          $125


Equine Assisted Personal Development (Rocklea)

Working with the horses on the ground and developing skills around assertiveness, self-worth, leadership, co-creative sharing and partnership. Clients get to learn about the horses and themselves through learning grooming techniques, leading and groundwork processes. It works at the individuals pace and is personalised for the clients mindset and level of engagement.

Duration: 60 mins     Cost: $100



Natural Horsemanship (Adapted) (Rocklea)

Working with the horse on the ground, learning about the nature of the horse, building his trust and respect whilst striving towards a willing partnership of attentiveness, and responsiveness. Horsemanship is creating an eagerness to learn through using understanding and communication rather than fear, mechanics, and forcefulness. Through this process we learn not only about the horse but mostly about your highest self, being present and content. 

Duration: 60 mins     Cost: $100


Hippotherapy (Rocklea)

Physiotherapy on the horseback. During riding, the horse’s movement naturally mimics a person’s motion while walking, which allows to build physical strength, flexibility, increased mobility and created neurological pathways for further physical improvements. Adaptive equipment is used on the horse by the instructor and the animal is lead by the walker. Please note: 80kg weight limit.

Duration: 30 mins     Cost: $90


Equine Assisted Therapy – Counselling (Moggill)

An unmounted program which includes Cognitive Behavioral and Person Centred Therapies combined with ground work interactive activities with the therapy horse, individualised to each client’s needs and goals. This service is suitable for: ASD, ADD/ADHD, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Stress Management, Carer Burnout, Relationship Issues, Life Changes, Self-Esteem and Confidence Issues.

Cost: $190/hr (discounts apply for pre-paid individualised programs)


Nature-Based Counselling (Moggill)

One on one counselling set in the natural calm environment of the hobby farm. Nature Based Counselling uses Cognitive Behavioral and Person Centred therapies individualised to meet your needs and goals. NB these sessions are not equine assisted.

Cost: $150/hr (discounts apply for pre-paid individualised programs)



From the humble beginnings in June 2015 to now, EquusTerra has assisted more than 300 kids and adults with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD and anxiety to find a passion, a fun outdoor activity so thoroughly enjoyed! The benefits are too many to list, but those who are impacted, - parents, relatives, friends, schools and most importantly - riders.We teach horsemanship and riding skills in the relaxed environment with individual approach. 

"Working with kids and adults allows us to adapt the program to individual needs, through the

one-on-one tuition".

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