Therapeutic horseback riding is a form of physical therapy for people who have a range of disabilities including physical, emotional, cognitive, and social difficulties.


Horses provide a tool for physical therapy, emotional growth, and cognitive improvement, in a unique format that is fun, exhilarating, and sometimes has the power to change a person's perspective on life!


Besides the physical benefits derived from therapeutic riding, the contact with the animal is a powerful experience, and the strong bond that is sometimes experienced  has a profound, uplifting effect on people with Autism, ADD/ADHD and anxiety.

We always start with teaching our riders the safety around horses and at the premises, then they learn how to groom the horse, to look after it, to prepare it for riding before we mount the horse and learn how to ride it from the basics up.

We have special adaptive equipment, so the riders can have better connection with the animal, feel the heat and the movement that the horse passes through our bodies. 

Our prices:

$75 - 30 minute individual riding lesson with Junior Coach

$85 - 30 minute individual riding lesson with Intermediate Coach

$95 - 30 - 40 minute individual riding lesson with Head Coach



From the humble beginnings in June 2015 to now, EquusTerra has assisted more than 100 kids and adults with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD and anxiety to find a passion, a fun outdoor activity so thoroughly enjoyed! The benefits are too many to list, but those who are impacted, - parents, relatives, friends, schools and most importantly - riders.We teach horsemanship and riding skills in the relaxed environment with individual approach. 

"Working with kids and adults allows us to adapt the program to individual needs, through the

one-on-one tuition".