Irina Amelina

"I have a strong passion for working with horses and people. I hold a Bachelor of Education at Primary School and English Language and have over 10 years school/university teaching experience.

Currently a Path International Member, I have over 25 years of experience working with horses from the basic day to day handling to preparing and training for competitions.

Most of my horse-riding skills were obtained at the Maple Leaf Farm, Del Mar, USA, training under Dale Harvey, internationally renowned show-jumper, who managed the US Equestrian Team Olympic Trials in 2000 and the first three US Equestrian Team World Equestrian Games Selection Trials in 2002.

After moving to Australia, I commenced providing private tuition to a broad range of clients, including children as young as 3 years old and adults. By combining my educational background with passion for equine co-facilitators, I believe in achieving positive outcomes and improving the overall well-being for kids and adults with ASD, ADD and high anxiety."


Morgen Douglas

"Since the day I accidentally stumbled upon a horse at age 3 I have been addicted, I believe the friendliness of these gentle giants has shaped my own personality. For 18 years I have been riding all over the country, trying everything from stock riding, to bareback to side saddle and eventing.


My experience growing up with a blind mum has really shaped the way I do things, I have always loved to help people, animals you name it. So putting my two passions of helping people and working with horses seemed like a pretty good place to go.

My interests outside work including Fencing at an international level representing Australia, Show Jumping and Modern Pentathlon.

Since 2017 I have been working with Irina at EquusTerra and learning how to better help and communicate with people with disabilities through horseriding. “

"There’s something meditative about communicating with horses, something instinctive where you eventually have to merge into one in order to move forward together. I think maybe that simple notion is why we are seeing such widespread success in the horse’s ability to break through where nothing else has worked, and we’re just left with a form of healing."


 ~  Robert Redford




Jasper, born 2015, a Quarter Horse. Steady, patient, great with lovely jogging trot and happy to work with kids and adults.


Mozzie, Mo, Mr Mo (Moet), born 2009 Selle Francais cross.

Cheeky, inquisitive, very much a people's horse. He is working nicely under saddle and keeps us entertained with his array of tricks and mischieves.






Gilbert, Gilah (Finders Keepers), born 1992 Hannoverian Warmblood. A bold jumper in the past, Gil has been a patient, wise leader of the herd and enjoys his semi-retirement.

Lex, born 2015, a Paint horse. Big step on walk and trot, big goof with calm, relaxed personality.

Our baby, born in 2017, a stock horse cross. Loves to "talk", loves licorice to pieces, learning to be our school horse. 

Pepi (Willowcroft Choirboy), born 2005, Australian Riding pony.  Pepi is our "little man", very much loved by kids and has lovely paces. 


Micky, our lovely daschund, born 2011. Micky is everything this breed is usually not: patient with kids, fun to play with, loves his tennis ball.